Understanding with a swipe

The capito App offers your clients easy-to-read information, adjustable in different language levels.

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The capito App is already a winner

Just launched, the capito App is already a prizewinner: The app was finalist at the „Fast Forward Award“, a Styrian innovation award won and entered the finals at the „World summit award“.


Reading, understanding, participating

Reading and understanding written information is one of the most important requirements for a independent life. But today, comprehensive reading is very hard for many of us: In Austria, Germany and Switzerland 24 million people and counting cannot read or have great problems with it. And we are not just talking about those with another first language than German or people with learning difficulties.

What do people understand?

60 % of the German population understands information on a B1 language level. Only 7 % can cope with C1 or C2. And yet: 68 % of the information coming from business companies or authorities is as complex as C1. Here, easy-to-read information is a great help. And it is very useful for all language learners as well.

Get your preferred language level with a swipe

Throughout Europe capito is a well-known expert for easy accessible communication. Now, capito presents its app. The capito App provides a strikingly easy way to benefit from easy-to-read information: The app offers translations in different language levels, starting with the still challenging B1 up to the very easy to understand language level A1. The most important part: It is the user who decides what language level suits him or her best.

Certified quality

The translations to the capito language levels A1, A2 und B1 are based upon the high capito quality standards and are annually checked and certified by the TÜV, Germany’s Technical Supervisory Association.

How it works

Step 1

Schritt 1
The company provides the original text as a document.

Step 2

Schritt 2
The capito team members dissect the text it into its single meaning units and translate them. These building blocks are translated into the different language levels. The App Software generates the QR Codes.

Step 3

Schritt 3
The company inserts the QR Code into the original document.

Step 4

Schritt 4
Download the App for free

Step 5

Schritt 5
Scan the QR code

Step 6

Schritt 6
Select the language level. By request sign language videos are integrated in the capito App. Voice output: the easy-to-read text is read aloud by a synthesised voice.

Use cases

Examples and use cases

Open or download the pdf-document, scan the QR code, enjoy the easy-to-read information on your smartphone!


App with single QR codes

For general information, such as for example brochures, descriptions, safety instructions Preis:
  • 95,- € per QR code and year
  • 120,- € per QR code and 2 years

All inclusive package

  • Contains licences for the capito App content management system
  • Suitable for individual documents, such as legal notifications or billings
  • Offers a high data security standard
  • Provides the system that enables your team members to create and send the individual documents
  • Includes an individually branded version


The development of the capito App was powered by aws kreativwirtschaft and the Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft.